The Lost Year

Well... football is back and I noticed leaves on the ground as I walked into the work this morning. Fall is indeed on it's way.

We are halfway through September and it feels like it should be May. The disruption of 2020 has even thrown my introverted internal clock off. That's not to say I'm not happy to see Fall, it just makes me wonder if this will be considered a lost year.

The sporting events, box office totals, job loss stats and the like will all be branded with an asterisk noting the extraordinary circumstances that occurred. I wonder if I'll mark this year with an asterisk when I look back on my life or if it'll be just another blip like every other year.

I've found the way for me to keep my spirits up is to focus on something each week. Maybe it's watching Martin Scorsese movies or maybe its following NASCAR. Maybe it's binge watching horror movies or reading a book. I just try to find something that I can focus on and near obsess over and it gets me through the workweek which is by far the hardest. My work has become intolerable and I just need something to focus on while I'm there.

Avoiding the news and well... at times, avoiding people have also been key to keeping my sanity. Sometimes you have to weigh the suffering and irritation that can come with interacting with people in comparison to just taking solace in the quiet and as of late, the quiet has been winning out big time. I enjoy nothing more than sitting on the couch and watching a movie far away from the drama outside my door.

#100DaysToOffload 70/100