ten recent thoughts by rebecca toh

This morning, I opened up Feeder to see what my favorite bloggers had posted over the weekend. I skimmed the various titles and disregarded a few of them, but then I settled in to read up on some of the more interesting posts. My buddy Michael wrote about his love of The Muppets. I saw that Dino had picked up Elite Dangerous after I wrote about it a few months back. His screenshots are tremendous and definitely worth checking out.

Then I saw Rebecca Toh had posted ten recent thoughts. I'm a huge fan of her writing, but this short list of some random thoughts stopped me in my tracks. It stopped me so hard, I felt compelled to come straight over here and write something about it.

The problem is I don't know what to say. There is no commentary I can add to it that won't tarnish and already brilliant list of ideas. I guess, her thoughts really connected with me because some days I feel like I'm the only one who feels a certain way. So when I read something that mirrors a lot of the same conclusions that I've come to it feels good. I also love to see things in print, so I can save them and refer back to them later. It's sort of a reminder/guideline of the way things are and not to get too wrapped up into life.

I won't post the ten thoughts here, but I highly recommend you head over and check them out for yourself. I'm quite thankful Rebecca took the time to share these with the world.

#100DaysToOffload 67/100