Reading Old Fan Sites

I spent the morning browsing some old fan sites. I didn't mean to, I just ran across an article discussing USA's Blue Skies format and I wanted to research it more. Until earlier this year, I never gave any of the Blue Skies shows a chance. Then I started watching Psych and quickly fell in love with it. I'm hoping to check out some of the other shows once I finish.

Yesterday, I talked some about morals and television and while the Blue Skies shows at USA weren't full of moral messages, they were positive, thus the Blue Skies moniker. It sucks, because I feel like in 2020, we really could use these types of shows and there aren't that many around.

Anyway, I found myself on a Chuck fan site (another show I just gave a shot this year) and I had a lot of fun reading through it. I've only seen two episodes of Chuck, so it wasn't something I could completely understand, but it was great seeing the effort someone put into that site. From there, I clicked on some other links in the sidebar, then some more and more and so on.

Most of the sites I ran across have been dead for at least four-to-ten years. They remain on the web as remnants of a fandom once loved. A few of them grew into other sites, that have long been abandoned as well. One site author became a published author and left her fanfiction behind to write stories with original characters. It's so interesting to see how things evolved.

Reading over these sites really made me miss not having a sidebar. I love the simplistic look of my blog and I like having the ability to hashtag things, but one of my biggest issues with is the lack of a sidebar. It severely limits some of the organizational abilities blogs offer and make it more difficult to navigate in my opinion. Whenever my year subscription is up, this may be a deciding factor on whether or not I renew.

I miss reading fan sites and I wish I could find more active ones. I like the commentary, fan fiction, and episode synopsis. I love how parts of the authors personal life invade the page and the sites tend to stay on topic. But like the Blue Skies era of USA, I think these maybe something of a by gone era. A time when things weren't so dark and people were a little more optimistic. When people celebrated their love of things and didn't sling hate and disgust at one another. I miss those days.

#100DaysToOffload 66/100 #Reflection