Book Club: Things I Can't Explain (Chapters 9-10)

YES! The return of the charts! Chapters 7-8 didn't have any fun charts or lists and almost immediately we are hit with a breakdown of coffee drinkers! I love it!

And then the book takes a bit of a turn. We get into a humorous but somewhat out of place discussion about the sex life of her friend and model Jody. Her friend has an accent and it's written out in the book and well... I'm not a fan. This was obviously setting up something later in the book, but it was pretty meh.

In Chapter 10, Clarissa is making her way to her interview with MT Wilkinson, a British woman whom she is attempting to get a digital journalist job with. Nunzegeek, where she is applying is a sort of Huffington Post/Daily Beast sort of financial website. Clarissa meets the stuck up financial editor and it seems like her interview is over since she doesn't know much about the federal reserve, but luckily she falls back on common sense and spins a pitch about discussing finances for those who don't have money instead of just for those who do. It was a fun chapter to read and I loved to see Clarissa turn a negative into a positive. Her quirky, positive outlook was always one of the best parts of the TV show and I was glad to see it shine here.

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