Book Club: Things I Can't Explain (Chapters 7-8)

When I think back to Clarissa Explains It All The Darling's come to mind. For some reason, I sorta forget about Sam. But once I began this book, Sam came raging back into my mind and he's been there ever since. I guess, deep down, all us Clarissa fans just expected Sam and Clarissa to end up together. When I found out they weren't, something didn't feel right and I'm hoping by the end of this book it will.

This chapter starts off with Clarissa snagging a job interview and her joy gets her thinking about Sam. We learn that same is a Marine biologist who fell in love with surfing. He spends his time traveling the globe and is very much the Gen Xer of the TV show and not the millennial of this book. He doesn't do much with social media and still writes old fashioned letters. He apparently mails letters to Clarissa from whenever he's currently working every once in a while. It sounds like it's been a while since Clarissa has heard from him so she calls and leaves him a voicemail.

One of my concerns about reading this book is that it would be a bit “girly.” Don't get me wrong, I like a good chick flick and even a book, (I recently read and enjoyed Waiting for Tom Hanks) but there are just some topics that don't interest me and when Clarissa started in on her fashion muse in chapter eight my mind started wandering. I'm sure this would have been more interesting to some, but for me, I could have done without it.

*Side Note: I made the mistake of reading a short review of this book on a retro sitcom blog. I should have known better. This particular blogger loves to take 90's sitcoms and review them with and judge them by today's standards. It's easy to pick apart what was essentially throw away TV from thirty years ago when people had different beliefs, but that's an argument for another time.

This reviewer didn't like the book. Her single biggest issue was the lack of continuity with the time jump. If Clarissa aged along with the real world, she would not be just a few years out of college, but instead in her forties. This bothered the reviewer so much they couldn't enjoy the book. I'll admit, it took me by surprise, but I actually like it. I don't think there would be a huge market for a Clarissa book written from her point of view as a mom (although I would read it) and I think the author did a great job by making Clarissa young enough that her personality is that which we remember but in present day so she can drop mentions about Instagram and Facebook. *

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