Book Club: Things I Can't Explain (Chapters 11-12)

Well, Chapter 11 is a very short chapter that establishes Dartmoor as our antagonist. He's the finance editor and doesn't like Clarissa because of her family name. Well... specifically her relation to her brother Ferguson, who finally gets discussed!

Chapter 12 spends time explaining what happened to Ferguson since we last saw him. He continued to be brilliant, got a full scholarship and was recruited by a Wall Street brokerage before he graduated. He was the youngest broker to rock a Bluetooth headset, dated models, and made his family proud. Then he Fergusoned it.

He lost seven million dollars in a day due to insider trading. This loss got him sentence to a rough “don't drop the soap” style maximum security prison because the hedge fund he worked for was a front for the Russian mob. He went to a more secure prison to keep the Russian mobsters out, not necessarily to keep Fergwad in.

This was a very, very interesting twist. Ferguson was the little brother we all loved to hate. He was obnoxious but maximum security prison is not where I thought he'd end up. Of course, I suspect there will be more to the story than was let on, but as the chapter ends Ferguson has spent 18 months behind bars.

I'm intrigued to see where this is going...

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