I miss the Link pages of old. No algorithms or clutter to search through, just one webmaster’s opinion on some decent sites to visit. With that being said below are some sites I follow on RSS or just like to visit on occasion.

Last Updated: 1.16.2021

Brandon’s Horror – This is my other blog where I review horror films.

The Wrestling Insomniac – I write occasionally for this site and it is my favorite wrestling website on the net. Lots of great forgotten history and wrestling show recaps.

Random Thoughts and Ponderings – A personal blog of my friend Michael’s, who also runs The Wrestling Insomniac. He writes about movies, pop culture, and life not too unlike my site.

The Pastor Abides – Another friend of mine’s personal blog.

Dino’s Journal – One of the first sites that attracted me to Write.as. Dino’s site is a meticulously organized personal website with posts about cars, family, video games, and more.

Rebeccatoh.co – Rebecca is a photographer who’s blog I stumbled upon after she posted one of my posts. I love her content. It’s simple and her life views seem to line up quite evenly with my own.

Pikapal’s Blog – A long time friend of mine’s personal blog. She writes about pop culture, retro stuff, and her personal life.

Stacy’s Blog Has Got It Going On – Short, simple recaps of movies and TV shows that Stacy has watched recently.

Hardcore Zen – Buddhist teacher Brad Warner’s blog.

Same Old Zen – Another Buddhist blog I enjoy.

A Simple Tao – Every post has a lot of thought put into it.

Dinosaur Dracula – I’ve followed Matt’s writing since his X-E days back in the late 90’s/early 2000’s. I love to let a few posts build up and then bulk read them. I’m also a fan of his podcast, The Purple Stuff Podcast.

Retro-Daze – I’ve written for this site off and on over the years. It’s not in it’s prime, but the archives are full of great posts and occasionally a gem will come out.

Retro Reading Time – A site full of out of print novelizations from various 80’s and 90’s properties.

Nintendo Life – I love their Nintendo news coverage and find their reviews are pretty spot on.

Bloody-Disgusting – A great horror movie news site with usually terrible reviews. Worth visiting for the news updates though.

Blu Ray Release Dates – A breakdown of the upcoming blu-ray release dates.

Big List of Personal Websites

The Star Trek Lit-verse Reading Guide

My Star Wars Life Debt

Farscape Continues