The Next Chapter

When I was younger, I felt like you only experienced growth on your birthday. It was as if that magical day was a marker for physical, emotional, and mental growth. As I’ve gotten older and the number of birthdays I have remaining are dwindling, I’ve come to realize that one can mark growth many times throughout the year. Sometimes it comes after certain events, sometimes after certain seasons, and somethings it naturally occurs.

Thinking about growth, led me to reflect on this blog and how I’ve approached blogging over the years; I would create a blog and work on it until one of two things happened:

  1. I lost interest.
  2. I grew out of it.

There wasn’t much I could do if I lost interest. I eventually learned that I need to think before I start writing and have realistic expectations. But when talking about growth, I decided I could fix this by sticking with a simple title. I’d call my blog Brandon’s Journal and no matter how I grew or what approach I wanted to take, I’d always have an outlet to share on without the hassle or annoyance of trying to establish a new blog to serve the same purpose as the old one, just slightly different.

I’ve been quite satisifed with my decision and I’m writing this today because I feel like I’ve evolved a bit more. After a difficult 2021 and beginning of 2022, I’ve emerged on the other side of the storm still standing, a bit wiser, and a bit calmer. I’ve made peace with a lot of things in my life and I’ve been focusing in on the life I want to lead going forward.

With this evolution, the tone of my writing will certainly change from what it was in November, and so may the content. So, as I’ve done twice before, I’ve reset my blog. All of my old posts are now removed and any unpublished/unfinished drafts have also been discarded. What I’m left with is a clean page to start this next chapter of my life.

What do I imagine Brandon’s Journal looking like going forward? Well, I’m inspired by Jimmy’s From the Insides. Every post is thoughtful, nice to look at, and has substance. I think if anything, I realized my blog has lost it’s voice a bit. Sometimes I’m talking just to be talking, and not really saying anything meaningful and that is not how I want to represent myself. Not everything I write needs to be posted somewhere and in this day in age where the internet is already devoid of quality content, I do not feel like adding to the masses.

I’m hoping to be more intentional with my writing and to increase the quality of the words I write. Welcome to the next chapter.